2021/04/18 NEWS

What is Itadakimasu?

Itadakimasu is another way to say Bon Appetit! 

“Itadakimasu”, if you have traveled in Japan, you have probably seen the people place their hands together before they start to eat. People say “Itadakimasu” at the same time. What is the mean and whole idea about it? Every culture has its own way to enjoy and celebrate your foods. “Kanpai” is another way to say Salud for example.

This is the simplest way for all Japanese people to show their respect and appreciation to the dishes in front of you.

There are two main subject that you can show your respect before you start to eat.

  1. Appreciation to the person who relates to this meal, fishery, farmer, and people who process the foods. 
  2. Appreciation to the ingredients and their stories. 

“Itadaku” is the most superior way to say “receive”. Itadakimasu, which is equivalent to “we receive life in front of me with deep appreciation”.   

As we are in the era that fast paced lifestyle which sometimes would not allow you to stop and think about what you intake to your body, it is extremely important to rethink these concepts and think about every single ingredient that eventually builds up your body. 

When we eat school meal from kinder garden to even high school, our “habit” to say Itadakimasu never goes away. It is simply because this could be the first 10 words that Japanese parent teach their kids how to properly say.

Saying Itadakimasu allow you to stop and think about others before you eat.

Japanese dishes are usually heavily influenced by historical aspects, in other words, how we can live with our nature and existing resources. The way to make soy sauce and miso is related to the fermentation process. Dried fish and pickles focus on a unique natural dehydrated process which increases Amino Acid which is going to be an Umami flavor. Vinegar is created just the right balance by refilling water and brown rice to the same pod which they have used for over 100+ years. Beer, we fermented with organically grown hop and rich in mineral ground water. We figured that if we unite and create one plate for everyone who has never had access to authentic Japanese food will enjoy our special ingredients with the breath of Miyazaki when you stop and think before you enjoy our special treat.