Healthy and tasty.
Enjoy dinner
from the countryside of Japan.

Miyazaki prefecture has a population of around 1 million people
and is located in the south of Kyushu island, in the south of Japan.
Miyazaki is mentioned many times in myths related
to the ancient gods of Japan in Kojiki and Nihon-Shoki
the oldest text in Japan.
Miyazaki is the birthplace of many of the ancient gods from
the mythology of Japan and where they lived out their lives.
This also makes it the hometown of Japan.
Many of the products we produce are gluten-free or fermented products
which are made with ingredients that were nurtured
by the abundant nature of the land. These products are made using
techniques that were passed down through generations of producers
in these areas that are certified adhering to the standards outlined in
international standards such as HACCP or ISO2200.
We want to show the world how Dinner from
the countryside of Japan is delicious and healthy.
This is what we envision.